What font is the DEC logo?

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Aug 17 21:07:25 CDT 2008

No, that lowercase 'a' is different at the bottom, etc. ... close but not

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Century Gothic. I have a Word document that I re-created the logo for a
3-ring binder cover many years ago.

On 8/17/08 9:39 PM, "Evan Koblentz" <evan at snarc.net> wrote:

> Does anyone happen to know which font(s) best replicate the DEC logo, 
> such as this: http://www.vaxination.ca/vms/alpha/digital_556.jpg ...?  
> I thought Arial Narrow might be correct, but things like the bottom of 
> the lowercase "a" are different.
> We're looking to make a DEC banner for an exhibit in our museum here 
> in New Jersey.  (Or, does anyone have an existing DEC banner to loan / 
> donate inexpensively sell to us?)
> - Evan


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