looking for Motorola PowerStack manuals, info, Any model

jeff.kaneko at juno.com jeff.kaneko at juno.com
Mon Aug 18 01:33:44 CDT 2008

-- Steven M Jones <classiccmp at crash.com> wrote:
jeff.kaneko at juno.com wrote:
>> You'd probably have better luck locating an 88k AViiON.
>> Many more were produced, with similar (VME) architecture.
>> Documentation is scarce, but if you get the right model, 
>> there's some good info available.
>Appreciate the suggestion. I already have a few deskside 
>88k AViiONs buried in storage, 

Cool!  Which model(s)?

> several Moto MVME 88100/88110 modules and a chassis 
>or two, 

Yep, standard issue . . .

>an ADP-badged M8120, 

The Shoebox! Looks like OpenBSD kinda-sorta works on this
one . . .

>and one of the OMRON Luna 88k SMP workstations. That last just 
>popped up on eBay one day so I grabbed it 

You lucky dog!  These are the rarest of the 88k systems (unless
you also consider the nearly-mythical 88k NextStation). ISTR a 
LUNA appeared or E-bay a couple of years ago.  Was yours that 
one?  The price was quite high IIRC. . .

>-- say, wonder if I can dig that out in time for VCF...

Maybe there should be an 88k contingent this go around?
Maybe I can bring my 412. . . .


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