looking for Motorola PowerStack manuals, info, Any model

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Tue Aug 19 00:05:42 CDT 2008

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> > I  think all of the Power Stack   computers  by Motorola  where >Power PC systems.  I have 2  AViiON's here  which where 88k.  (Of >coarse quit 
> large) 
> SO, which AViiON models do you have? I have a 400 and a 412, with
> enough parts to build a 530.

Mine are AV 8500 desk side systems. One just lost the  Processor board
so I'm looking 

> The 'PowerStack' systems I was thinking of looks like this:
> http://www.corestore.org/powerstack.jpg
> It looks kinda like a series 900, but not quite exact.  Never seen 
> one IRL.

That what I call the "bose radio" look. these can be stacked with options
so they can grow in height.

I have these but the one's  I'm working on right now  look  just like a
PC mini tower.  Built in SCSI, Video, sound,  CD-Rom,  3 1/2 floppy
in a Beige case.   They have boot utilities  for NT built into the Rom. These
have a PPC  604 133 CPUs,  4 simm slots,  3 ISA and 3 PCI  card slots.

Most of the other Motorola  systems just run  Unix sys V  or  AIX.

- Jerry

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