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Mike Hatch mike at brickfieldspark.org
Tue Aug 19 04:42:57 CDT 2008

By obviously I meant the usually found ones are 12V.
6V can be obtained, older volkswagens etc, lorries, coaches have a lot of 
24V, but some have moved upto 48V and I've heard of some 72V rails in 
commercial vehicles although rare.

The readers we had were very particular about the filament, it had to be 
straight and even, any kinks, bright spots or different filament styles 
would not work reliably.


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>> > What I'm more worried about is a spare bulb - It's a "festoon" bulb
>> That style lamp is still readily available over here (UK) as a car spare
>> used usually for number plate lights, my Fiat uses them.
>> What's the voltage ?, the available type are obviously 12V.
> Not 'obviosuly'....
> Old cars used 6V electrics, lorries, etc use 24V (still, AFAIK). Good car
> parts shops can often get 6V and 24V bulbs as a result, which are used in
> classic computers. For example, most of my Trend paper tape readers use a
> 12V 21W bulb, a very standard car bulb sold everywhere. But at leat one
> uses a 24V 24W bulb. It took some finding, but a commerical vehicles
> parts place had it in stock.
> -tony

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