PC keyboards

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Wed Aug 20 16:16:25 CDT 2008

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>    BTW an old dream of mine is finding an IBM "M" keyboard with the
> trackpoint (know as "clitoris" in Brazil...go figure! :oD). I'd love
> to buy one, any info? :oD

Love those... I got spoilt on those on the past two jobs where I had a
Thinkpad.  I find it's a lot nicer to use the
{trackpoint|clitoris|nipple} pointer than a mouse, trackpad, or
trackball - your hands never leave the keyboard to use them like with a
mouse.  It's always annoying to have to lift my hand off the keyboard
just to point at something. :-)

Although I love my MacBook Pro, I had a hell of a time adjusting from
two years of ThinkPad keyboard to it.  I still hate the trackpad so I've
gone back to "Kensington Expert Mouse" trackballs...  I still have the
MouseTrack ones for my Sun machines...

Those little accupoint guys are really analog joystics.  I replaced a
dead one on a SPARCBook by sacrificing a junk Thinkpad keyboard. 
http://www.sunder.net/SPARCbook has all the gory details. :-)

They're fun little beasts.  I had plans to replace another dead with an
analog joystick from a junk Playstation 1 controller, but never did
it... trouble was where to place it on the SPARCBook?...  It's better to
replace them with the thinkpad versions since they're the same thing,
though the connectors are completely different and you have to work with
those annoying flex ribbon cables.

(I suppose if you wanted to you could replace the analog joysticks on
Playstation controllers with a pair of nipples, but they'd probably be
slower to use than the original ones - the problem is that the
resistances are different, so you have to add other resistors to adjust

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