Schematics of Atanasoff-Berry Computer logic circuits?

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Fri Aug 22 08:43:38 CDT 2008

Computer grade tubes did have to be tougher by far than the signal
amplifiers.  ENIAC had a problem with burning out tubes rather quickly
because of that issue.  Transisters were probably adapted much more
quickly in switching networks than in signal processing for that
reason and because no extra work had to be done to handle the stray
capacitances that tubes suffer from.  Transisters in signal processing
had not yet achieved a state of the art that lent them to be used for
much beyond those rather tinny sounding transister radios by 1960.
I remember a book in the Old Dominion University library with a
printing date of 1954 that showed practical schematics for vacuum
tube logic gates with the necessary ancillary passive components.  Like
RTL but with more capacitors.

On Fri, 22 Aug 2008, William Donzelli wrote:

> > Flipping through the 1960 RCA tube manual.. things like the 6BC7 or 6BJ7
> >  independant triple-diodes (intended for FM disc. and color TVs .. signal
> >  diodes), noval base.
> I forgot about those - dumb of me, as I have about 100 or so of the things.
> > I'm noticing there are some interesting tubes such as the
> >  6BN8 (fully independant twin-diode-and-a-triode) that might be turned into
> >  2-input diode-logic gates.
> It appears that none of these designs ever had computer rated variants.
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> Will

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