Schematics of Atanasoff-Berry Computer logic circuits?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Aug 29 15:03:00 CDT 2008

On 29 Aug 2008 at 15:12, Paul Koning wrote:
> I've used 12 volt ("car radio") tubes in a shortware broadcast
> receiver.  Worked fine as far as I remember.

Were these the special "space charge" tubes?  e.g. 12J8, 12U7, 12DK7, 
12DL8, 12CX6, 12DE8, 12CN5, 12BL6, 12DS7, 12AC6, 12AD6, 12AE6, 12AE7, 
12AF6, 12AJ6 or 12AL8 (I've probably left out a few)?  


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