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I very much appreciate the response - however, *I* am Sharkonwheels on VC!  :)
I've never run into a HandyMan, though...

'ppreciate the confidence, though!


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You want to check with "Sharkonwheels" who posts on 
_www.vintage-computer.com_ ( . He is very knowledgeable on Kaypros 
"after" 1983. 

He uses and has info on Advent products.

I am more involved with the 1982 / 1983 versions and post under GADFRAN.

My website _www.kayprosts.org_ ( may give you some 
other productive contacts to explore.

He may also know of HandyMan.

You may want to check just what version of K4 you have. Main large chips on 
main board will help - e.g. U43 and U47, etc.

He will be asking you about them and other aspects.

He is very familiar with the K10's.

Hope this helps some.


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I asked a while back on comp.os.cpm, and didn't get much response...

Anyone remember how to use a HandyMan for the kaypro?
This was an add-in board, piggy-backed between the Z80 and socket, and had a 
TSR-like pop-up
Borland SideKick wanna-be.

Trying to find some info, as a K10 I acquired came with a handyMan, and 
Advent 1MB RAMDisk,
and K4 came with an Advent Clock, RamDisk, ProGraphics board, Personality 
module, and 5mHz turboboard.


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