VCF East 5.0 just two weeks away!

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Sun Aug 31 19:03:06 CDT 2008

An update: at the end of Claude Kagan's talk on Saturday, he will display
(for the first time ever) J. Presper Eckert's 1942 engineering notebook.

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Now that the list is running again, I want to invite everyone to VCF East
5.0, Sept. 13-14, at the InfoAge Science Center, in Wall, New Jersey.
As usual we'll have awesome exhibitors.  This year we also have two special
events: Vince Briel's replica creation workshop, where you can build a
replica of the Apple 1 or the KIM under Vince's guidance, and we'll have a
ceremony and tours for the "beta" opening of our computer museum.  (We've
been in "alpha" for the past two years.)
Sign up for Vince's workshop at
We'll also have some cool guest speakers.  Most notably, on Sunday, we have
Bill Mauchly.  Bill is the son of ENIAC co-inventor John Mauchly.  We also
have a lesser-known engineer named Watts Humphrey, who wrote the proposal
for the military's "MOBIDIC" computer in the 1950s; it was an early example
of client-server architecture.  And we've got Claude Kagan, who spent 30
years at Western Electric and Bell Labs and who worked to get our museum a
first-generation PDP-8.
Tickets for one day are $10, both days combined are $15, and anyone younger
than 18 is free.  Parking's free too.
- Evan

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