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> Tony,
> You want to check with "Sharkonwheels" who posts on
> _www.vintage-computer.com_ ( . He is very
> knowledgeable on Kaypros "after" 1983.
> He uses and has info on Advent products.
> I am more involved with the 1982 / 1983 versions and post under GADFRAN.
> My website _www.kayprosts.org_ ( may give you
> some other productive contacts to explore.
> He may also know of HandyMan.
> You may want to check just what version of K4 you have. Main large chips
> on main board will help - e.g. U43 and U47, etc.
> He will be asking you about them and other aspects.
> He is very familiar with the K10's.
>I'm not sure of the dates on the stuff I have...
>And perhaps you could say anything pertinent about this eprom I seem to have 
>sitting on my desk here? Label says "Multi TurboRAM v4.4" with copyright 
>dates of 1985, 1988, and "Digtial Arts" on it. I *think* that's for a 
>Kaypro, but am not 100% sure of that.
>If it's of interest, I have some pretty complete service data on Kaypro 8-bit 
>stuff, including the schematics of multiple versions of the power supplies 
>used in them, though I'm not sure it was necessarily all of them. I 
>remember California DC (?), Astec, and I'm not recalling the others 
>offhand, but they're around someplace. _This_ stuff I don't want to sell, 
>but I might be persuaded to make some photocopies. :-)

Thanks for the offer. For the most part, I think MOST necessary parts of the Kaypro service manuals
are out there - 1484-d, -e, and -f versions. Can;t hurt to check against what you have, though.

On the EPROM, never heard of THAT one, but I can hunt around in my Pro-Files magazines and see
if any ads pop-up, and any info. I HAVE found ads for the HandyMan, but that's about all!

If you have the ability, dump the EPROM, and I can take a peek.

Is it a 24-pin, or 28-pin EPROM?


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