AN/AYK-14 CDC flight computer on ebay

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Mon Dec 1 22:26:30 CST 2008

William Donzelli wrote:
>>  Will be interesting to see what it goes for..
> It should also be noted that the architecture is still in use. A
> couple weeks ago I was on AUSTIN in the Philly shipyard, and there was
> a really nice AN/UYK-20. Super nice, actually. But it had an ERDS tag
> on it, which basically says "keep your stinkin paws off".
> Someone should ask for a picture of the innards, to make sure it is
> not demilled.
> --
> Will

I bought one of these from govliquidation a few years ago. Mine was 
constructed with what looked like custom
LSI IC's and DRAM. Date codes one the IC's were from the early 90's so 
they still being made then. Mine was
demilled by having a hole drilled through the rear through all of the 
boards. Conveniently  not shown on the photos.
You could ask rialta to look inside, they have been helpful in the past.

 There's some information about them on including the 
instruction set.


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