WANTED: someone to transfer IBM 5110 BASIC programs to modern PC

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Tue Dec 2 09:26:49 CST 2008

Christian Corti wrote:
> PS:
> I have a working 5110 emulator that runs under X and has both APL and 
> BASIC (it uses the original ROS images). I will release it as soon as I 
> have cleaned up the code. This will allow you to run the BASIC programs 
> and have the printer output (text only) in a file.

Christian, that is great news!  I knew you were working on it, but I didn't know you had 
resolved those last kinks.

I know somebody (Richard?) volunteered to make a wxWidgets port of your emulator, but if 
that falls through, I might make the time to do it, if you don't object.  It would help 
whomever does the port if during your code clean up you tried to keep the core emulation 
and the user interface aspects separate.  For instance, it is OK for the GUI code to have 
intimate knowledge of the core emulator, but the core emulator shouldn't have any 
dependencies on X libraries.

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