PDP-11 Zork Manual: Save $2,348.31

Dave Mitton dave at mitton.com
Tue Dec 2 21:58:20 CST 2008

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>Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 07:20:58 -0800
>From: "Zane H. Healy" <healyzh at aracnet.com>
>Subject: Re: PDP-11 Zork Manual: Save $2,348.31
>Now if someone could just find a disk image of the software!

FWIW:  I have the following 8" Digital diskettes labeled as follows:

1) RT Adventure, Tasks 8/7/79,  It has a slip of paper with the 
printed directory output
         The files are .DATs, .SAVs, and ATEXT.TXT
2) "New" Adventure Kit, RT Format,  directory slip dated 9-Sep-83
         The files show .FOR files  these may be source
3) RT Dungeon, RX01 patched
4) RT Dungeon, RX02
5) RT Dungeon original, .DIR output files dated 11-Mar-78 to 19-Jan-79
         No sources, but RT11 runtimes - this looks bootable
6) RT Dungeon original, #2, DTEXT.DAT (Rename to T.DAT for RX01 version)
7) Latest Dungeon 2/21/79, RSX-11M
8) Dungeon Disk 2, 2/21/79, RSX-11M
9,10,11) Dungeon OBJ 5/1/79, Files11, VOLID: DUNGEON [303,333] Disks 1,2,3 of 3
12) ZORK2,3    ??? (copy made on an original 1980 VMS V2.0 RXO1 UPG kit!)

Two pages:
         5 steps about the program and how to run it.

2) Fix infinite vampire bat loop in Dungeon V2.2
         handwritten photocopy of how to patch RT11 and RSX11M Dungeon programs

         The back side of both have my Mill office mailstop on them.
         Evidently send via interoffice mail, likely from Supnik.

Does someone in the Boston area still have a working 8" diskette drive??


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