Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Wed Dec 3 19:17:07 CST 2008

Chris M wrote:
> what I had been thinking was shouldn't it be somewhat *easy* to make an IDE
> drive into an MFM. Just strip off what you don't need!

ISTR there's still quite a bit of logic on a ST506/412 drive (I think the 
manual's kicking around on Bitsavers and contains schematics) - and I'd assume 
that the analogue circuitry has to be pretty closely matched the the heads 
used by the HDA (and that the heads on a more modern IDE drive have different 
characteristics to those on an older ST506/412 drive)

 > How do you make an
> elephant...take a piece of stone and remove everything that don't look like
> an elephant! And it's done!

Heh - it's more like taking a hippo apart and then adding the bits which turn 
it into an elephant, though...



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