New home sought for a PDP-11

Bob Adamson bob at
Thu Dec 4 08:40:48 CST 2008

Hi Gordon, I mailed you off list but no reply hence this posting.
I'm interested in your pdp11 if you still have it available.
I have a couple of pdp8s but I'd rather like a small 11 also. Like many on
here I was once a DEC systems manager and I've a soft spot for these older
I live not so far away in Fife by the way.



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> Hi all,
>    I've come to the conclusion that it's time my PDP11/73 went to a new 
> home.  Not a terribly easy decision to make, but I just don't have space 
> to even get to it to switch it on just now and I'd rather see someone 
> else get some use out of it.
> Anyway, here's the spec:
> PDP11/73 in a large Baydel cabinet with a 40M-ish MFM drive
> RX02 floppies
> 2 x RL02 plus a spare RL02
> 2 x CIT101 terminals
> VT520 terminal
> VT220 terminal
> LA36, spare ribbons and paper
> spare boards including 11/03 bits, a couple of opto-isolated I/O boards 
> and some ADC boards
> about a dozen RL02 packs
> large box of RX02 disks
> RT-11 V5.2 manuals
> Pick up in Glasgow.  You'll need a van, although not a very big one, to 
> shift it.  A large estate car would be too small unless you broke the 
> rack down into panels - a PITA, I've done it before though.
> Mail me on- or off-list if you're interested.
> Gordon
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