Sources for 8b TTL keyboards (Keytronics)

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Dec 8 13:18:06 CST 2008

> AVR will quite happily send you several kilos of dead trees detailing 
> all this and more, if you ask them.  I find that since I'm generally 

Right :-). When I have some spare time, I'll contact them...

> carrying several kilos of laptop already, the PDF editions will suffice.

I much prefer the dead-tree version of documentation, and having got a 
slow connection and a slow printer, it's not really practical for me to 
download and print 300 page documents...

I feel there's a business oportunity for someone to set up a company that 
will print a document from the web (at a certain cost per page) and post 
it out. I don't know of any such organisation in the UK, the local 
internet cafe charges, IIRC, \pounds 1.00 per page printing, which is 
hardly useful for large documents.

> > Could I, if I wanted, make the programmer and write the software from 
> > scratch?
> Since avr-gcc and avrdude are already available under the GPL and fully 
> documented, there's no real need to reinvent that particular wheel.

Oh, OK.... 

> In short - if you wanted to program an AVR the "oldskool EPROM" way by 
> setting lines by hand and toggling VPP with a push switch, you could 
> (and I have seen this done!).  It may be slightly more worth your time 
> and effort to learn how to use the existing tools ;-)

Well, I am not going to write a C compiler from scratch. But certainly 
for some of the simpler tools I've found it quicker in the past to write 
my own versions.


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