Reading an MFM hard drive with a floppy disc analyser

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Sat Dec 6 10:00:51 CST 2008

Al Kossow wrote:
>  > Aside: I'm not sure if it's beneficial having a number of buffers and
>  > reading/writing multiple head data in parallel?
> This came up in one of the threads about the topic of either simulating
> Massbus or HP 790x disk, I think.
> The problem was the controller timed out if the head-head
> switching time wasn't fast enough.

We're back on talking about interfacing to a drive though, not emulating that 
drive, so I don't *think* there should be any theoretical issue with reading 
or writing head-at-a-time or multiple heads in parallel. In practical terms 
though, anything which can speed up data acquisition is probably a good thing.



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