Kennedy tape drive 9600

silvercreekvalley silvercreekvalley at
Wed Dec 10 16:16:44 CST 2008

I'd like to try and get a Kennedy tape drive (9600) up
and running and wondered if anyone had any advice or
possible interface cards?

The unit is complete and appears to be working, I have
two 50 pin connectors on the back, and the ribbon cables
to IDE connectors. This is the PERTEC interface I'm assuming?

I'm ultimately wanting to connect this to a PDP 11, but
initially it would be good to connect this some how to a 
regular PC.

Are there any cards available to do this? I do have older
PC's (this is vintage computing after all) ie with ISA
slots which I'm guessing would be required.

Anyway, any pointers/leads appreciated.




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