anyone have/can make an openvms (vax) ISO?

Ian King IanK at
Wed Dec 10 21:36:29 CST 2008

I have an ISO image that I made for booting the SIMH 11/780 emulator.  I can think of several ways of getting it to you, but I am on the other side of a DSL connection and it's nearly 700MB.  How about contacting me off-list and let's see if I can help you out -- Ian
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Subject: anyone have/can make an openvms (vax) ISO?

I just moved, and all my stuff is still packed away,
including all my openvms CDs, which kinda sucks because I sorta need one right now.

in the interim I could get away with an ISO, if someone has one.

Any version would do, so if there's someone on the list that has one or could make one,
it'd be much appreciated.

As I said, I own the originals, bought from montagar, just not sure which box it's hiding in...



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