Commodore PET RS-232

Bryan Pope bryan.pope at
Fri Dec 12 15:24:19 CST 2008

Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> What options are there for adding an RS-232 port to a Commodore PET? The computer's user port has a different pinout from the C64 (although it uses the same connector), and the port doesn't have the serial output signals the 64 does. Therefore, the quick and dirty hacks that worked great on the 64 to provide serial won't work on the PET.
> What communications options exist/existed for the PET, aside from Commodore-produced IEEE-488 modems? Does the ROM include routines to handle such communication, like the C64, or would software need to be created for a particular interface? Is there a teminal emulation software available for the PET?
> I have an 8032, and an 8050 disk drive - but of course, the 8050 is completely incompatible with nearly everything else - serial communication would be a big help.
BTW, you do know that the 8050 has an IEEE-488 interface and not a 
serial interface, right? 



P.S. The 8050 is compatible with a C64 and the proper interface 
cartridge.. ;-)

> This is new territory for me - the C64, I know. The PET... I'm learning :)
> -Ian

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