1Mx4 DRAMs (was Re: 8008 chips)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 18:55:36 CST 2008

On 12/15/08, Chuck Guzis <cclist at sydex.com> wrote:
> On 15 Dec 2008 at 19:24, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>  > Not 411000s - those are 1Mx1s unless I'm quite mistaken.  I have a
>  > small pile of those.  What I need (as mentioned in the subject line)
>  > is 1Mx4, perhaps known as 441000s, perhaps by other numbers; and I
>  > agree with Keith that they are uncommon in DIP format...
> Weren't those used on some 1Mx8 SIMMS?

Perhaps there were in the early days, but I don't recall many SIMMs
with DIPs, and those I do recall had 9 chips, not 3.  There was this
cycle of lots of smaller chips rather than few large chips, then the
economic balance would tip, but that started with 256K SIMMs.

It's also possible that there were some early 72-pin SIMMs with DIPs
(thus needing to be 32 or 36-bits wide, favoring 4-bit-wide RAMs), but
most I remember seeing were covered in SOJ packages.


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