8008 chips

Keith keithvz at verizon.net
Mon Dec 15 14:58:43 CST 2008

William Donzelli wrote:
>>  It might be the first microprocessor, (i4004 is just a controller...), but
>> what really made the microcomputer possible is the DRAM. Why dont people
>> collect i1103's ?
> They do. Some of the early RAM fetches HUGE money. Multiple hundreds
> for some of the real raries.

Tell me about it.  I've been looking for 1Mx4-bit 20-pin DIP DRAMs for 
years.  The closest I've come is some 26/20-pin surface mount.

USBID.com has them, provided I fork over $300-$500 MINIMUM order size.

> --
> Will


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