8008 v. 4004... & what was the second COTS microprocessor?

Holger Veit holger.veit at iais.fraunhofer.de
Wed Dec 17 05:08:27 CST 2008

Tim McNerney schrieb:
>  [...]
> People make a big deal about the first-this and the first-that, but then what happens is no-one can remember the second-this and the second-that.  Can anyone remember what the second commercial, customer-programmable microprocessor to hit the market?  The 8008 came out in 1972.  Were there others introduced that year?  I know that the TMS-1000 was right around that time.
Few names come to mind:
Rockwell PPS-4 (1973), NS IMP 4 (4Q74),  uCOM 4 (?), IMP 8 (4Q74), NS 
CMP 8, Mostek 5065 (2Q75), Toshiba TLCS 12 (4Q74). IMP16 (3Q73)

There was obviously some experimental gap between 71 (i4004) and 74/75 
when the well-known chips appeared (8080, 6800, 2650, F8, CP1600, 
COSMAC, IM6100).


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