PDF datasheets (was Re: Sources for 8b TTL keyboards (Keytronics))

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Dec 23 15:14:32 CST 2008

>> I've seen usable indexes in plaintext documents - and rarely want
>> them anyway because of the ease of searching.  (Indexes are mostly a
>> holdover from paper, where searching is nontrivial and thus a list
>> of pointers is valuable.)
> A good professional indexer works with synonyms and subject, not just
> keywords.  A keyword only index is basically a concordance.

Good point; thanks for catching that - I suspect I've seen too many
concordance-style indices and too few of the other sort.  But even a
good index can be done perfectly well in plain text; the only part
that's at all difficult is what to use as the pointer to the referenced
text, and that (a) is an issue only if the text is not broken into
numbered pages and (b) is not hard to solve even if the text is not
paginated (it could use line numbers, section numbers, even search
patterns, etc).

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