wire-wrap supplies

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 15:40:02 CST 2008

Hi!  I am building some prototypes for the N8VEM home brew computing project
and using the new ECB Prototyping Board.  It works great and it allows
wire-wrap and/or point-to-point soldering construction.  I am making an ECB
serial board as part of another larger development.

I have some wire-wrap supplies, sockets, and tools but I can see I am fairly
quickly using them.  If anyone has any old wire-wrap stuff they don't need
anymore and would like to sell for a nominal amount, or just find a good
home for where you know they'll get used as intended, please contact me.
Any supplies offered will be used as intended not scrapped or sold.

I will gladly pay for shipping and/or nominal price.  Obviously I would
rather use old stock than buy up a bunch of new stuff since I will bet there
are lots of people with old wire-wrap stuff they don't use anymore.

If anyone can help out I certainly would appreciate it.  Thanks and have a
nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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