Weird cardset - any ideas?

Ian King IanK at
Fri Dec 26 11:07:42 CST 2008

My bad on that "FPGA".  I got out my 'serious' reading glasses, looked at it more closely and it's a Z180 processor.  There's a lot of connectivity on these boards, so it makes sense they could have been part of a POS system: serial lines to communicate with the terminals.

These are really well made boards, and about half the chips are socketed.  -- Ian
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On 25 Dec 2008 at 23:07, Ian King wrote:

> Google is failing me on this one.  A while back, I picked up some
> random boards on ePay.  The boards all have the name TRIAD, and they
> include a passive backplane, what appears to be a central controller
> with an FPGA and a bunch of RAM, and several boards that each contain
> two Z80s and ten 8530 serial communication chips.  One of the oddest
> things in the silk screening is the identification of two of the
> ribbon connectors across the top of these latter boards: "LAMB/DROID,
> ODD HALF" and "EVEN HALF".  (Ironically, I just finished a really good
> science fiction story regarding a sheep, entitled "The Android's
> Dream"....)

Triad used to be very big in POS systems, particularly in the auto
parts business.  Does that make any sense with your gizmo?  Is that
an FPGA or just a custom gate array?


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