Weird cardset - any ideas?

joe lobocki jlobocki at
Fri Dec 26 19:32:56 CST 2008

that may be another piece to the puzzle, as I remember that autozone,
before z-net came in with diskless pcs(i think that's what they are)
they were basic rs232 terminals on redhat linux....hope that helps

On 12/26/08, Brent Hilpert <hilpert at> wrote:
> Ian King wrote:
>> Google is failing me on this one.  A while back, I picked up some random
>> boards on ePay.  The boards all have the name TRIAD, and they include a
>> passive backplane, what appears to be a central controller with an FPGA
>> and a bunch of RAM, and several boards that each contain two Z80s and ten
>> 8530 serial communication chips.  One of the oddest things in the silk
>> screening is the identification of two of the ribbon connectors across the
>> top of these latter boards: "LAMB/DROID, ODD HALF" and "EVEN HALF".
>> (Ironically, I just finished a really good science fiction story regarding
>> a sheep, entitled "The Android's Dream"....)
>> The only hints I've found are that this may be the guts of a PBX or other
>> telecom unit.  Does anyone have any insight on this?  I'm asking because
>> there are a lot of cool chips on these boards, but before I render them
>> down for spare parts I want to be sure I'm not destroying anything
>> significant.  It sure looks like some sort of distributed processing
>> architecture, but I have no idea what it was processing.  Thanks for any
>> ideas -- Ian
> Just a guess or possibility, as it could be lots of things, but perhaps a
> serial/RS232 switch, the sort of thing that Gandalf and Develcon made in the
> 80's to permit many terminals to selectively connect to one or more
> machines...?

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