4.3BSD Quasijarus

Bob Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Fri Dec 26 22:04:56 CST 2008

>Dave McGuire wrote:
>   I think 5MB is correct.  And don't they use the same memory array  
>boards as the PDP-11/70?

  Yes, the 725/730 is limited to 5Mb, although it's tricky to find enough
slots for this if you've got any peripherals.  I have a 11/730 that's
fortunate to also have the BA11-K UNIBUS expander box, so I've got room for
5Mb, but that was an unusual configuration.

  The memory boards used in the 730 are the same as the 11/750 1Mb memory

  My 11/730 runs, except for the R80 which needs a new HDA (alas, Rx80 HDAs
are pretty much unobtainium today), however it also has a UDA50 and two
RA81s, so there's plenty of disk space.   I'm afraid I'm not much interested
in Un*x, but I'll ask my wife (who is the Un*x dweeb) if she's interested in
trying Quasijarus/BSD on it.

  Is there a 9-track distribution?  How do you install it?  Normally you'd
install VMS from 9-track by booting S/A BACKUP from TU58 or an RL02 pack - I
assume there's some kind of stand alone mtboot program for Un*x, but what
media do you load that from?

  I've also got a 11/725 that's in good shape except for a few missing
pieces of sheet metal, but like Ethan I've no working RC25 drive.  A UNIBUS
SMD controller is an option - there are some small 8" SMD disks that mist
just fit inside the chassis in place of the RC25 - but a UNIBUS SCSI
controller would be a better way to go, since it'd be no problem to fit a
SCSI disk in there.  Unfortunately neither SMD nor SCSI UNIBUS controllers
are easy to come by.


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