Tandy TRS-80 Model 4

Mr. Sub Micron nanoman at stny.rr.com
Fri Dec 26 22:30:03 CST 2008

What about Neolube?


Neolube No. 1 is a dry film, conductive lubricant, used extensively 
at nuclear power generating plants and other nuclear facilities as an 
anti seize compound, thread lubricant and for lubricating moving 
parts and rubbing surfaces.

The composition of this material is 99% pure furnace graphite 
particles, a thermoplastic resin and  isopropanol.  The material has 
excellent radiation resistance and high chemical purity.  The thin, 
non corrosive film of Neolube No. 1 prevents seizing, fretting, 
galling and resists abrasion.  It is easy to apply by spray, dip or 
brush and has excellent adhesion after a fast air dry.  The dry film 
of Neolube No. 1 will not migrate and it is non freezable.

I have found Neolube in hardware stores.


At 11:21 PM 12/26/2008, Chuck Guzis wrote:

> > On Behalf Of Michael B. Brutman
> > The question now is about the conductive pad.  Cleaning with rubbing
> > alcohol has not helped anything.  Is there anything besides pencil
> > graphite that will work to lower the resistance?  I'm looking for
> > something that will last a while, and your concerns about the pencil
> > graphite have me concerned too.  I'm not going to desolder and repair
> > every keyswitch so I won't be able to move dodgy ones to the keypad to
> > avoid using them.  I'd rather take a little more time and find a better
> > solution ..
>Here's a word you don't hear often - "Aquadag".  That ought to do it.
>GC also has some metallic ink emulsions.

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