Jupiter Ace - PCBs and such

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at e-secure.com.br
Sat Dec 27 17:35:36 CST 2008

> I always think of it as the "forgotten ZX80" because it's built to the 
> same
> sort of quality level (and, IIRC, was built by ex-Sinclair employees).
> It was reasonably unique* in running FORTH from ROM rather than BASIC 
> (which
> probably makes it a rarer animal than a ZX80, too)
> * I'm not going to play the "only one ever" game, but I can't actually 
> think
> of another home system which ran FORTH as the primary language...


    Maybe I may be bribed to create a single board for it :) What is the 
size of the original mainboard? :o)

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