Any interest in a build-it-yourself votrax synthesizer kit?

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Tue Dec 30 20:58:51 CST 2008


   That sounds like a cool project for those who like to delve into such 
things, but to be honest, the Speakjet is  pretty much a functional 
equivalent with a full kit for $69.99



Jonathan Gevaryahu wrote:
> If offered for $300 would anyone be interested in a kit to build a 
> discrete resistor/capacitor/analog implementation of a Votrax 
> synthesizer/vocal tract? Most of the digital parts would be done using 
> a PIC. Would be mostly SC-01 compatible with possible RS-232 phoneme 
> entry and optional text to speech.
> Please respond off-list if you're interested, if enough people show 
> interest we may offer it. The price is not final.

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