What kind of IC is this

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 31 12:49:40 CST 2008

> What do people do regarding microcontrollers (old or new) with 
> embedded ROM? I 
> mean an EPROM or PROM's just address lines and data, so reasonably easy to 
> dump - but presumably life's a bit more difficult when the ROM is 
> local to the CPU...

If you're lucky, eitehr th microcontroller is old enough not to have any 
security features, or they're not used. In which case you remove the chip 
from the PCB and stick it in a suitable programmer.

If you're unlucky then either the microcontroller doesn't have any 
external access to the ROM (some mask-programmed ones are like that), or 
the secutrity bit has been set so you can't read it out. In which case, 
alas, you just pray it never fails...


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