[personal] Chip ID and datasheet?..

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 1 18:27:32 CST 2008

> Mike Hatch wrote:
> > That chip, can't remember the style, had wider pins for heat sinking, 
> > some had 2 or 3 pins per side as one large tab for greater effect.
> > They can be a bugger to get off, hot air reflow seem to work better. 
> > Have used a paint stripping gun on low heat to good effect, but use care.
> > Other than that I've not been able to find any datasheets, not much 
> > help I'm afraid.
> Dremel or cut off the leads and remove the leftovers if  you have a 
> known bad part.
> Trying to save a component that is questionable and endangering the 
> possibly irreplaceable PC board when chip replacements are available
> is not a good idea.

Certianly.. But in this particular case, firstly, is a replacement chip 
availale, nobody seems to have heard of it. And secondly, most  flippy 
drive spindle motor PCBs are single- sided, maybe the odd one is double 
sided. I've never seen a multi-layer one. And the circuitry is slow 
enough hhat you could repair lifted traces, etc with kludgewires and 
expect it to work afterwards.

So I doubt you'd ruin the PCB beyond repair, and the chip might not be 
availale. In this case it might be worth trying to save the IC....


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