2.11BSD Patch 445; FPSIM fixed; 211bsd runs on systems without FPP

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri Feb 1 21:37:13 CST 2008

Charles H Dickman wrote:
>Don North wrote:
>> Try  ftp://moe.2bsd.com/pub/2.11BSD/
>Is this open? I get effectively a connection refused.
>I talked to Steven Schultz several years ago and recall that the ftp 
>address was with permission only or at least it was heavily spam 
>filtered and he had to open it for me.
>TUHS has patch level 431 from 2000.
>If Steven is OK with it, is there a reason that the subsequent patches 
>are not archived somewhere more accessible?

I'd be happy to host (and test) them if that would help.


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