Q-BUS primer?

tiggerlasv at aim.com tiggerlasv at aim.com
Mon Feb 4 15:23:05 CST 2008

On 04-Feb-08, Jerome H. Fine wrote:

>Probably your best option is to use the BA23 box.  However, for that
>option, you really need a quad M8189 CPU (PDP-11/23)
>or a quad M8190 CPU (PDP-11/73).

>It is entirely possible to use the dual M8186 CPU (PDP-11/23), however,
>you will then require a controller with a boot ROM (usually only 
>with a  3rd party disk controller) or you will need to enter the
>boot program via ODT each time you power on the system.

If you look carefully down the list, he's got an M8047 - MXV11 with 
so he'll be able to use the 11/23 that he already has, and, depending 
on the
roms installed, should be able to perform an MSCP boot.

>Entering the boot program manually (by hand one instruction at a time)
>takes about 5 minutes.  A boot program for the MSCP M7555 controller
>is available.

Entering bootstrap by hand?  Eeek!   That is what macros on terminal 
emulators are for.


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