Looking for TK50 tapes & RX50 disks...

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Tue Feb 5 12:25:14 CST 2008

 >Zane H. Healy wrote:

> >At 3:34 PM +0000 2/5/08, Pete Turnbull wrote:
>> >On 05/02/2008 15:08, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>> Good question, sounds like you either have an RX33 or someone has 
>>> hacked a Teac of the correct model to work as an RX33.
Jerome Fine replies:

I don't have my dual!!! RX33 in my hands right now (it is buried), but
I thought that RX33 drives were Teac in the first place.  Do I remember
that incorrectly?

>> Indeed.  And those are considerably more reliable than RX50s are.
While I never had any problems with the RX50, I found that the big
advantage was the extra capacity!  2400 blocks for the RX33 vs
800 blocks for the RX50.  PLUS, the RX33 media were standard
PC HD 5 1/4" media - no need to have a special format.

By the way, that old DOS tool is call PUTR at:
As stated, a 1.2 MByte 5 1/4" HD PC floppy drive is required even though
the media MUST be DSDD or MFM as mentioned by Peter.

> True, but they lack a certain "style".  Call me crazy, but I rate the 
> RX50 up there with something like my SGI O2 when it comes to "style". 
> Granted all that style comes at a price, and in the case of an RX50, 
> that is a less reliable piece of hardware, but since I don't normally 
> use the floppy drive on my PDP-11 anyway... :^)
> Besides I don't have a real RX33 or the hardware to put it in place. 
> If I did, I'd probably have it installed in my "souped up" /73.
> Zane

I have a DUAL!!!!!!!! RX33 floppy drive that looks almost exactly like 
the dual RX50
drive - probably because I used the discarded case from an RX50.  Since 
the 2 bare RX33
drives arrived without an enclosure, I figured the best solution was to 
place them INSIDE
the old RX50 enclosure and add the bottom skid plate.  The cable end is 
an edge connector
for both drives and is daisy chained WITHOUT the standard PC twist when 
2 drives are
used - which requires the second drive to have a different DS setting.  
A "Y" power cable
must be connected to both drives before the case is bolted into place 
using 4 short bolts
to each floppy drive through the thin RX50 shell.  The original holds in 
the RX50 enclosure
accept the 40-pin cable and the power cable.

Any other questions I would be glad to answer.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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