Whitechapel Workstation - schematics

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 10:06:53 CST 2008

silvercreekvalley wrote:
> Does anyone have the schematics for the Whitechapel
> Workstation. I'm trying to 'rescue' a WCW that has
> the dreaded leaked battery.

I seem to recall using vinegar on ours, which worked well enough - but as a 
word of caution, be careful around the tops of any gold/ceramic ICs as it's 
really easy to remove the inked IC markings too!

> The WCW wont boot, although the disk drive and fans
> spin up OK, the front on/off button doesnt function.
> Although I can hear a faint click on the PSU 
> 'controller' from the small relay.

We had a couple with exactly the same symptoms, but fixing them (beyond 
cleaning the corrosion and removing the batteries) got put on hold in the hope 
that schematics would turn up one day. If you do happen to find them, or work 
out what the fault you have is, do report back :-)



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