FT: Symbolics XL1201

Josh Dersch derschjo at msu.edu
Thu Feb 7 01:04:20 CST 2008

I recently acquired a Symbolics XL1200 and so my XL1201's been sitting 
dormant and I just can't justify letting such a cool piece of hardware 
go unused; as such I'm thinking of trading it for something of 
approximately equal "coolness value" if anyone's interested...

The XL1201 is the "desktop pizza box" variant of the XL1200 and includes:
- 4MW RAM, FPA, latest IFEP ROMS (allow booting from large SCSI disks, 
amongst other things...)
- "Old Style" console w/keyboard & mouse
- External 9gb SCSI drive w/Genera 8.3 & layered products installed
- Genera 8.3 installation media (on CD)
- Printed documentation set (optional if shipping is an issue)

The machine is clean and is in good working order, located in the Puget 
Sound area.

I'm mostly interested in old workstation-style hardware, I'd be 
interested in trading for the following: (In no particular order.  Note 
that the realism of some of the following is questionable :)

- Xerox D-Machines
- Early SGI IRIS machines (1000/2000/3000, etc.)
- Other Lisp-based hardware (TI Exploder, etc... kinda want a big 
3600-series Symbolics, but I don't know if I have the space :))
- Sun2 hardware
- PDP-11's with blinkenlights (hey, a man can dream, can he not?)
- Transputer-based hardware
- IMSAI 8080 or Altair 8800
- IBM 5100 with APL option (ha ha ha)

If you've got something interesting to trade, let me know...

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