Request: HP200LX for a great guy in USA

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sat Feb 9 01:05:18 CST 2008

At 11:37 PM -0600 2/8/08, Jim Leonard wrote:
>Alexandre Souza wrote:
>>someone who did a program that most of us used in DOS is CRAZY for having one
>Okay, that *sentence* is driving me crazy.  If you can't name the 
>author or program could you at least name the family of program? 
>Was it an... editor?  Programming tool/compiler?  Graphic viewer? 
>Come on, throw us a bone...

You also?

He said "File Manager", and without a doubt the one DOS program I 
couldn't live without back then was "QFILER" (QF.EXE).  Looks like 
the newest copy I have is version 3.2B3.  So my question is, is the 
person he's talking about Kenn Flee?  Wow!  I just Googled Kenn Flee, 
and while it looks like I actually have the most recent DOS version, 
there is a Win95 version...

The other "couldn't live without" program for me was the "Direct 
Access" Menu software, from "5th Generation Software".  Both are 
actually still sitting in a directory on my G5 PowerMac (which 
obviously can't run them).


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