S100 SCSI board?

C. Sullivan feedle at feedle.net
Mon Feb 11 10:33:02 CST 2008

On Feb 11, 2008, at 6:06 AM, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> I seem to recall a S-100 product I once owned called "XOR/IOMega".  
> Don't
> know if it's the same thing.

Interesting Google hit along those lines: http://www.nelsonit.net/~jon/info-cpm/1986/04/10/171835.html

Date   : Thu, 10 Apr 1986 17:18:35 GMT
 From   : Dave Lampe <djl%ptsfb.uucp at ...>
Subject: Help with XOR-IOMega CPM system

I hope someone can help me. Does anyone have an S-100 bus CP/M computer
manufactured by XOR with IOMega 10 meg cartridge drives. If you do,
would you please let me copy your system disk. I have wiped out both of
mine. How you ask, very simply. There is a bug in either the formating
program IFMT.COM or in the device driver. If an IO error is encountered
while you are formatting a cartridge in the B drive, the disk in the
A drive is trashed.
If you can help, please send me mail and I will be happy to either mail
you a new cartridge, or meet to copy yours

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