The "who lives where" map...

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at
Tue Feb 12 09:30:15 CST 2008

From: "Jules Richardson":
> Way back, wasn't there talk of some kind of "rescue map" showing which 
> classiccmpers lived where (roughly) and thus providing a clue as to who
> might be able to help* with rescues?
> * I'm thinking pickups, extra people-power, or just "get stuff a little 
> nearer to me"...
> Maybe it's one of those Google Maps type applications, along with some
> contact info and the type of hauling ability (micro/mini/mainframe) 
> potentially available?

Something like
There's also an existing one for pdp-11 owners, and probably a few 
others -- why not also a classic computer rescue one?


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