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Gavon Balharry gavon.balharry at
Wed Feb 13 15:27:37 CST 2008

Hi Bill,

I am Gavon Balharry. I was at a customer site in Switzerland, where we 
took delivery of a Varisystems 16K system in 1974. In May 1976 we bought 
two 32K Varicomposers. I dumped out the program and decoded it (P16 
assembler language) - managed to fix various problems it had and 
extended the system with some new functionality. Bob Shevlin, who had 
created it, and was the only one really able to program it hired me in 
September 1996. I worked for 13 months full time for him at Shefra 
Graphics out of Slough in the UK. I travelled all over Europe, and even 
to NZ, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Hawaii - customizing systems 
wherever I went. I returned to work with Bobst Graphics in USA starting 
4th July 1979. There I wrote the Arabic/English or French version. I was 
one of three who remained with Bobst Graphics when they closed the 
American plant at the end of February 1981. I stayed on with Bobst 
Graphics at Mex, near Lausanne in Switzerland. Before long we were taken 
over by Autologic from California. I lasted till May 1984, having 
written front-end systems for typesetting most of the languages of India 
- using the 1200 system, programming in Z80.

I guess I know about as much as anyone could (after Bob Shevlin) about 
the system, its programs, and all. I even have quite a library of 
program listings. Just that it has been a while ago.

Please contact me, and I can fill you in with whatever details you may need.

Best regards,
Gavon Balharry
Managing director
Information Design Ltd Liab Co
(registered in Switzerland)

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