Heath ET-3400 Trainer Simulator SW

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Wed Feb 13 15:56:28 CST 2008

> Dave,
> He's probably a starving student like we were at one time and doesn't
> a
> lot of disposable cash. And beer is expensive.
> I sent him the "free" simulator. An ET-3400A un-built kit just sold
> $355
> on Ebay ! The " A" has 1024 bytes of RAM vs 256.
> I think your price is off by about a factor of 10 based on what I've
> If you find one that cheap ( $10 - $20 ) I'll buy it !
> Best regards, Steven

I believe the premium for this particular deal was its un-built state.
The ET-3400 is common and inexpensive. I think I'll go buy one myself,
since I have a fondness for them since my freshman college course used

I find any un-built Heathkit has significantly more value.

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