MSX Joystick

Syd Bolton sbolton at
Thu Feb 14 07:02:55 CST 2008

I see the pinouts online but haven't checked to
> see if it's compatible with a standard Atari type joystick.
>Sure it is!
> Interesting how MSX devices are unknown here...They are so popular in 

That's just how it goes! OK second part of my question then: what about the
mouse? What other more easily obtainable mouse would work on the MSX
machine?  Commodore made mice with 9-pin connectors for the C64 but I doubt
it would work or the Amiga one .... and of course, the "serial" mouse from a
PC I would expect won't work as well.

Or....I guess more easily does anyone out there have an MSX compatible mouse
they'd like to sell me for the museum? Thanks

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