Yamaha MSX CX5M Mouse

Jonathan Gevaryahu jzg22 at drexel.edu
Thu Feb 14 12:05:29 CST 2008

Afaik the MSX ports, while also DE9, are NOT compatible with the 
standard atari/commodore/sega joystick ports. A few pins were moved 
around. Blame Microsoft.
(from http://pinouts.ru/Inputs/JoystickMsx_pinout.shtml)

Pin    MSX            Atari/Commodore/etc
1      /FORWARD       /FORWARD or mouse XA*
2      /BACK          /BACK or mouse XB*
3      /LEFT          /LEFT or mouse YB*
4      /RIGHT         /RIGHT or mouse YA*
5      +5V            POT Y
6      /BTN1 or OUT1  /BTN1 or Light Pen
7      /BTN2 or OUT2  +5V
8      OUT3           GND
9      GND            /BTN2 or POT X

* the encoding of these 4 bits for mice-trackball varied between 
manufacturer and sometimes even between products (see CX-44 vs CX-80 
trackballs by atari)

Jonathan Gevaryahu

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