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Fri Feb 15 19:13:50 CST 2008

dwight elvey wrote:
>> From: jrr at flippers.com
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>> Speaking of Eprom Programmers - I have a Pro-Log with the 1702A module.
>> What I do not have is the manual for the 1702 module...Does anyone have
>> a copy? I have a copy of the schematics thanks to another member here -
>> but the module has a switch to set Vdd at either -9 (1702A?) or -10V
>> (1702 only?). My module works fine, but just like to have complete docs.
> Hi John
>  The 1702 used a different algorithm than the 1702A did and the pulse
> widths were different. The switch is most likely to select between
> 1702As and 4702As. The 4702A used -10V to match the 4004. I doubt
> the programmer was intended for 1702s.
> Dwight

Ah, well it appears that the 1702 had a Vdd of -12V and the 1702A was 
-9...still I suspect Pro-Log would have labeled the switch a bit clearer 
if one position was for the 1702 and the other for the 4702. Maybe...

Still the docs on that module would be nice!

John :-#)#

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