HP-21MX bootstrapping?

Main Account steerex at ccvn.com
Mon Feb 18 08:40:04 CST 2008

>The bootstrap listings and manuals are all documented, have a look at the
 >manual numbered 12992-90001 (HP 12992 Loader ROMs).

 >I don't have any other peripherals tested out yet. Not sure why my real
 >tape reader is not working yet. My paper tape punch is a long ways from
> working and it's not HP equipment anyway.
>I've got tape images that work in SIMH like the HP-Basic. Just want to see
> these work on real hardware by loading them over a serial line.

>It would seem useful to be able to bootstrap any given tape over serial. I
> know it's only 2400 baud, but just about every HP collector should have
 >needed hardware. :)

I have a BOOT ROM that will work with a High Speed serial card. I'm not sure
the ROM was specifically written for that card but, it does work. I just
make a serial link to a PC and send the ABS image over the link.

Hmmmm... I think the ROM I use is the 12992C mini-cartridge tape loader.

The boot rom expects the image to be in HEX-ASCII format so, you'll have to
convert the ABS from binary to ASCII before sending it over the link. I
wrote a small Perl script to handle this. It works great!

I believe my HS card is configured for 1200 baud. At that speed it takes a
few seconds to upload a large image but, it's not that bad. IIRC < 1 minute
to upload HP BASIC.

Good luck,
steerex [at] ccvn [dot] com

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