RLV12 placement in H9278-A question

tiggerlasv at aim.com tiggerlasv at aim.com
Thu Feb 21 13:08:50 CST 2008

As you've probably read in a previous reply, it doesn't really matter
what type of slot it goes into, as long as you're not interrupting
the path of a 2-board set.    i.e., don't try to put it in between
the boards of an RLV11.

Now that I think about it, I guess it's a little moot, since
you're in an 9278-A backplane, which only has 3 CD slots.
The only way you could even use a 2-board CD-interconnect
(such as the RLV11) is with a single-board CPU with on-board
memory, such as an 11/53 or 11/93.   Otherwise, your first
two CD slots would already be full.   ;-)

One thing that has always made me a little paranoid
about the RLV12 is the heatsink for the TO-5 transistor.
It's very tall, and it sits VERY close to the boards above it.
Be careful if you install the RLV12 underneath any dual boards.
A little bit of warpage, and. . .

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