Q-bus SCSI Controllers RFI

Martin Bishop mjd.bishop at emeritus-solutions.com
Sat Feb 23 10:15:25 CST 2008

Q-bus (BA 23, BA123 & (with mods to the mounting hardware) BA213) SCSI


What works (in particular with disks + MSCP + VMS), how well and what's
still about ?


What I know is:

CMD CDQ-220/TM supports disks and tapes, and works with RZ2x disks /

DEC KZQSA-AA (aka M5976-AA) is the BA23 Q-bus SCSI controller

CMD CDQ-223/TM is a 220 with EMC shielding for a BA213 box


What I'm curious to know is:

- What boards were made and which are commonly available

e.g. DEC KZQSA, CMD CDQ-220, Dilog SQ706 ?, Emulex UC02 ?, Andromeda
SCDC-11 ?, ...

- The relative (to SCSI 1) performance of each of the boards

- Which boards are "dogs" : gotchas, tape only, unreliability /
electronics failures


And, some specific queries are:

- What is the difference between a CDQ-220/xxx and a CDQ-220A/xxx ?

- What is the functionality of a CDQ-243 (quad board, BA213 cab kit, 2
SCSI connectors) wrt a CDQ-220 / 223 ?





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