anyone do vaxstation repairs?

Dave Dunfield dave06a at
Sun Feb 24 06:02:18 CST 2008

> anyone do or know of anyone doing repairs on vaxstations?
> is this a lost art, and I should just buy another one off ebay or what?
> I'd love to find someone who did hardware repairs/engineering for dec or still knows the stuff.

Hi Dan,

Any chance you ever got up to Ottawa?

I'm not a DEC repair guy, but I'm pretty good with these kinds of things, and I'd
be happy to take a look at the systems for you.

Re: Recovering your data... I'd probably install a fresh VMS on one of the working
VAXen, and then mount your drive after the system is booted. I've found that booting
a drive from one system on another doesn't always work all that well - depending on
what hardware specific drivers are being loaded. Another thing you could do is read
it into an image and access it under SIMH.


PS: You mentioned a "password problem" - it's not hard to recover the password on
a VMS system when you have access to the hardware console...

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